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DX6e 6-Channel DSMX Transmitter with AR610 Receiver

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DX6e 6-Channel DSMX Transmitter with AR610 Receiver


Deck out your transmitter! With every transmitter purchase you receive a FT lanyard and 5-pack sticker pack.

The DX6e gives you more than you ever thought possible from a 6-channel radio under $200. Four model types, 250-model memory, wireless trainer link – you get it all and more. You can even share model setups with users of other Spektrum transmitters.

DX6e Manual

Key Features:

  • Patent-pending gimbal design with spring configuration switch
  • DSM2/DSMX Wireless trainer link
  • Virtually unlimited model memory-transmitter stores up to 250 models and only populates the model list with models the user has configured
  • Airplane, Helicopter, Sailplane and Multirotor programming
  • Built-In Telemetry
  • 7 airplane wing types and 6 tail types
  • 7 swashplate types
  • 4 sailplane wing types and 3 tail types
  • Multirotor flight mode setup
  • 7-point throttle curves for airplanes and helicopters
  • 7-point pitch and tail curves for helicopters
  • Cross-platform model sharing with other Spektrum transmitters
  • 4 AA batteries included
  • EN328 compatible




Being on a budget doesn’t have to mean you have to settle for less than the best. The Spektrum DX6e gives you the unbeatable response of DSMX® technology, the simplicity of AirWare™ programming software and many other features you can’t find on other “budget” radios.

Airplane, Helicopter, Sailplane and Multirotor Programming
The DX6e comes equipped with the programming you need to fly almost anything. And because it’s based on the same AirWare software used in most other Spektrum transmitters, you can share model setups with just about any Spektrum user you meet.


  • 7 Wing Types: Normal, Dual Aileron, Flaperon, 1 Aileron 1 Flap, 2 Aileron 1 flap, Elevon A, Elevon B
  • 6 Tail Types: Normal, V-Tail A, V-tail B, Dual Elevator, Dual Rudder, Dual Rudder/Elevator
  • Flap System with Elevator Compensation
  • 3 Flight Modes
  • Dual Rates and Expo
  • 7-Point Throttle Curve
  • 3 Preset Mixes: Rudder-to-Aileron/Elevon, Aileron-to-Rudder, Elevator-to-Rudder
  • 4 Programmable Mixes – Normal or Curve



  • Gyro
  • 7-Point Throttle Curve
  • 7-Point Pitch Curve
  • 7-Point Tail Curve
  • 7 Swash Plate Types: Normal, 3-Servo 120˚, 3-Servo 135˚, 3-Servo 140˚, 3-Servo 90˚, 4-Servo 90˚, 2-Servo 180˚
  • 3 Flight Modes + Throttle Hold
  • Dual Rates and Expo
  • Cyclic-to-Throttle and Swashplate Timing Mixes
  • 4 Programmable Mixes – Normal or Curve



  • 4 Wing Types: Single Aileron, Dual Aileron, 2 Aileron 1 Flap, 2 Aileron 2 Flap
  • 3 Tail Types: Normal, V-Tail A, V-Tail B
  • Camber System
  • Camber Preset
  • 5 Flig
  • DX6e

    Posted by Steve Peirce on 12th Mar 2017

    This is the very first 6 channel radio i have purchased and i love it. The Expo is new to me and works very well , easy to set up after watching a few of FT's build video's that used it and they walked through the set up. I've been into R/c cars and boats for years, this is my first 6 channel radio and could very well be the last i'll ever need!

  • DX6E Amazing Transmitter

    Posted by Richard Burnett on 25th Feb 2017

    Got this Transmitter to use with my Inductrix Fpv, and then my Vortex 150, and it is just amazing for both. Have flight timers that auto start and stop with throttle. With the Vortex 150 I can even control the video RX channel and power right from the DX6E don't even have to touch the drone, or my video googles, no more playing the game of what channel am I on, what are you on, what channel is that guy on. Just all around great product, very easy to setup and use, menus are very intuitive and unlike most other companies it came with a complete manual, as well as a Receiver that I have not found a use for yet, perhaps ill build a foamy at Flitefest west 2017

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